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Construction Software Sales Jobs | Trends, Tips for Success, & 3 Best Companies to Work For

Construction software refers to computer software tools designed to help construction companies automate critical processes involved in the construction of buildings or other structures, including project management, takeoff, document management, budget estimation, accounting, and more. Some tools are point solutions. Others offer all the above.

Contractors, home builders, project executives, and developers rely on these tools to eliminate human error, streamline construction tasks, improve safety, and positively impact the business’s bottom line.

In this article, we’ll help you figure out if construction software sales is a position you’d enjoy. You’ll learn what it’s like to sell construction software, how much you can earn, some trends in construction, and a few top companies to work for in the space.

What it’s Like to Work in Construction Software Sales

As in any tech sales position, you’re going to spend the majority of your day talking with potential prospects, sending out cold emails, making calls, giving demos, updating your CRM, sending contracts, and handling your other sales responsibilities. 

However, there are some characteristics that set construction software sales jobs apart from other tech sales positions.  

For one, the construction industry has always been notoriously wary of change, especially the technological type. Decision-makers don’t want to buy new software that’s going to screw up the process they’ve been using for years and potentially cause them to make a mistake that gets them blacklisted. They’re rightfully cautious.

And, for the most part, construction professionals don’t really care about a fancy feature or a cool new workflow tool. They have serious priorities like their employees’ safety and their ability to do the work on time. So talking about benefits over features is especially important.

There’s also nearly no doubt that you’ll run into a fair few site workers who swear by pen and paper and say all they need is their head to keep track of things.

For those reasons, it can be quite difficult for salespeople to begin sales conversations with leads in the industry. However, salespeople can turn skeptics into raving fans if they follow certain best practices.

How to Succeed in Construction Tech Sales

First off, if you’re selling in the construction industry, you have to understand what these buyers care about most: getting the job done as quickly as possible at the lowest cost and risk. That’s how they make their money and maintain their relationships.

Therefore, if you focus on showing them how your tool satisfies those needs, they’ll be more receptive.

Moreover, reps in this field are going to have to spend a lot of time networking and developing relationships with superintendents, project managers, and C-suite execs. That means attending trade shows and having conversations not necessarily related to your product.

This helps you generate buzz and get word-of-mouth referrals, which are absolutely crucial in an industry where no one wants to buy something unless some peer has good things to say about it. They don’t want to take the risk.

Lastly, you’re going to want to become well-versed in construction lingo in order to come across as a trusted advisor rather than some flashy salesperson. When you can talk the talk, you’ll earn respect and see your sales numbers increase.

Construction Software Sales Compensation

According to data from Ziprecruiter, the average Construction Software Sales Representative earns a base salary of around $75,000 per year. That excludes commission, meaning many sales reps in this field likely earn over $100,000 per year, especially the Account Executives (AEs).

Image via ZipRecruiter

To get a better sense of what software sales reps are making in this space, let’s zoom in and look at the average earnings for sales reps at a few of the top construction software companies:

  • Procore Technologies: AEs earn an average of $125,000 per year and Sales Development Reps earn about $66,000 per year.
  • CoConstruct: Sales Executives earn $83,000 per year and BDRs earn about $46,000.
  • Bluebeam: Account Managers here make around $82,000 per year and Senior Account Specialists earn around 95k.

Although still high, the average compensations for construction software sales reps are a bit lower than compensations in other related fields like financial software sales or HR software sales. However, if you have a passion for construction, great sales skills, and uncapped commission, the sky is the limit.

Trends in the Construction Industry

One of the best ways to figure out if a job is right for you is to read up on industry news and trends. If what you read puts you to sleep, move on. If it encourages you to explore even more about the field, you’ve found your calling.

That said, below are some trends in the construction industry related to tech:

  • Smart Contracts: Online, blockchain-powered contracts enable all parties involved in construction to easily manage and amend their contracts and have faster closeouts.
  • Construction Drones: Drones are used for aerial photography, mapping big areas, and creating heat maps and thermal imaging. These drones give builders better data, in a safe way, that can be used to make smart decisions.
  • Augmented Reality: This tech enables builders to create 3D visualizations of their projects, run automated measurements, simulate the effects of structural changes, and more.
  • Mobile Apps: More than ever, construction employees are using mobile apps in the field to do inspections, track their workflow, and assign tasks to other team members.

If you decide to go into construction software sales, you’re going to have to stay up to date on construction trends so that you can engage in informed and enlightening discussions with your prospects and clients, discussions that will prove to them that you’re capable and informed. This is especially important in an industry where dangerous events can occur.

3 Construction Software Companies to Work For

Below are three great and well-paying companies that sell construction software. Let’s go over their software tools, average payouts to salespeople, and employee ratings.

Procore Technologies

Procore sells an all-in-one construction management software designed to help builders finish projects on time, safely, and under budget. Account Execs here earn an average of $125,000 per year, while SDRs earn about $66,000.

Employees at the company seem to love working there. After receiving 739 Glassdoor employee reviews the company has a 4.4 rating as a place to work, and 95% of respondents approve of the CEO.

Image via Glassdoor


CoConstruct is another all-in-one construction management software, this time designed specifically for home building and remodeling teams. The platform includes communication, project management, SOP enforcement, streamlined financials, and more.

Sales Executives at CoConstruct earn around $83,000 per year and BDRs about $46,000. The company boasts a solid 4.1 employee rating and an 82% CEO approval rating on Glassdoor. Many employees claim the work environment and culture are phenomenal.

Image via Glassdoor

SAP (RE & Construction Software)

SAP, a multinational enterprise software corporation, offers a range of construction software solutions spanning pre-construction, construction supply chain, project delivery, and asset management.

While we couldn’t find data on the earnings of their construction software salespeople, we did find data on the average earnings of Account Executives at SAP: $165,356 per year. It’s likely that the AEs selling the construction solutions make around the same.

As for working there, the company has a 4.4 rating, and 92% of around 23,000 employees would recommend working there to a friend.

Image via Glassdoor

Is Construction Software Sales Right for You?

If helping construction companies build homes, skyscrapers, and apartment buildings sound interesting to you, then construction software sales might be a good fit. This is especially true if you already have experience in the construction or RE industry.

To find construction software sales jobs head over to the job board at our website,, where we help aspiring tech salespeople land the right job for them.