Fitness Software Sales Jobs | Earnings, Trends, and 3 Best Companies to Work For

Fitness software is software built to help gyms, clubs, yoga studios, and other fitness centers run their businesses. The tools often offer functionality for managing member records, facilitating payments, marketing, and scheduling all from one central online platform. And they often replace Excel or other, more manual tools that fitness center managers might otherwise use. 

As people become more aware of physical activity’s positive effects on both physical and mental health, more health and wellness-related businesses will open up to meet the demand, and more fitness software will be purchased.

Therefore, if you’re interested in health and wellness, and looking for a software sales position, fitness software sales might be right for you. We’ll help you answer that question in this article by telling you what it’s like to work in fitness software sales jobs, how much money you can make, and more.  

What it’s Like to Work in Fitness Software Sales

As in most software sales jobs, the bulk of your time will be spent finding and talking with leads over the phone, in-person, through email, or over video conference. You’ll deliver demos, conduct discovery calls, and move buyers through the sales process towards a close.

There are, however, a few differentiating characteristics of fitness software sales that set it apart from general software sales.

For starters, you’re going to be selling into fitness centers, meaning your main point of contact will likely be the owner or one of the higher-level managers.

Expect these decision-makers to want a seller who is well versed in whatever fitness lingo they speak. If you’re selling to a gym, know what a squat rack is, for instance. When you can speak their language, they’ll be more likely to trust you as an insider.

Their main goals will likely be to increase membership generation and retention while reducing operating costs, so you should be ready to speak about how your software can help them accomplish this.

Fitness Software Sales Jobs Compensation

While we couldn’t find any data telling us the average earnings for a fitness software sales rep across the entire profession, we can pull up some average earnings for reps at individual companies. The earnings range from $47,000 to $92,000 per year.

Let’s take a look at what some of the top fitness software companies are paying their salespeople:

  • Glofox: Account Executives here average $86,400 per year, with an annual base salary of around $52,000.
  • Zen Planner: An Account Exec here can expect to earn around $92,000 per year.
  • Mindbody: Sales Development Reps here earn an average of $47,378 per year.

Although higher than the average earnings of sales reps across all industries, these earnings are slightly low for software sales. Financial, healthcare, ERP, and other types of software companies typically pay their AEs upwards of $100,000 per year, half of that being commission.

However, if fitness is your passion, this still may be the right job for you. If you’re very good at what you sell you can rake in a bunch of commission. And loving what you sell dramatically boosts your ability to sell it.

Trends in the Fitness Industry

Knowing the trends in the fitness industry and fitness software will help you connect with buyers and establish credibility, both of which help you increase your sales numbers.

Below are some trends in the fitness industry:

  • Increasing Number of Fitness Centers: A variety of fitness centers are popping up all over the US, from regular old gyms to facilities designed for newer workouts like rock climbing or pilates.
  • Growing Demand for Gym Management Software: To handle the increase in people attending their facilities, managers need software that allows for the tracking of member data, communication, and other features that make management easier.
  • Rising Need for Easier Software Integrations: Fitness centers want their managers to operate from the same information since this fosters good decision-making. Therefore, they want their billing systems, management software, CRM, and other tools to integrate or be in one platform.
  • Exercise is Being Prescribed as Medicine: The ​​American Heart Association actually recommends that doctors prescribe exercise for cholesterol and high blood pressure issues. GPs are also recommending it as a way to help with mental health issues.
  • Hybrid Gym Memberships: These allow members to get custom plans, such as part online and part in-gym memberships. The more complicated the membership offerings, the more companies need software to manage them.

Not only does knowing the trends in your industry help you sell your product, but it also enables you to assess your levels of interest and curiosity about the field.

Before deciding on any software industry, it’s a good idea to review some of the companies operating in that space and read their blogs to see if what they’re selling and writing about interests you. If it doesn’t you might step into a job that leaves you feeling burnt out.

The 3 Best Fitness Software Companies to Work For

With the help of Glassdoor employee reviews, we’ll introduce three of the best fitness software companies to work for as sales reps. In addition to giving you their employee ratings as places to work, we’ll also tell you how much their salespeople earn on average.


Giofox is an all-in-one fitness management software that helps all types of fitness facilities with payments, bookings, sales, and marketing. As of 2022, they hire remote Account Executives:

Account Executives at Giofox bring home an average of $86,400 per year, with an annual base salary of around $52,000.

The company boasts a very solid 4.6/5 rating as a place to work by its current and former employees, and 96% of them would recommend working there to a friend. According to reviews, the leadership team is empathetic and prioritizes the well-being of their employees.

Zen Planner

Zen Planner is an all-in-one fitness business management software that, in addition to offering basic fitness software features like billing and sales tools, also enables users to quickly build beautiful websites for their fitness facilities.

Account Executives at Zen Planner can expect to earn around $92,000 per year, which is quite high. But, even with its high pay, their employees rate it at just a 3.4/5 as a place to work, and only 62% of them would recommend working there to a friend:

That said, they do have a long list of perks, and just because some people disliked working there doesn’t mean you will, especially if you’re making a killing selling one of the most well-known software platforms in the industry.


Mindbody is a fitness business management software company that seems to always have a lot of open sales positions, many of which are remote.

Sales Development Reps, an entry-level sales position, at Mindbody earn an average of $47,378 per year.

Mindbody mainly serves fitness businesses with their management software but also serves individuals with their app, and enterprise companies with their highly customizable software and personalized service. One client you may recognize is OrangeTheory.

The company has a 3.9 rating as a place of work and 84% of current and former employees approve of the CEO. They’re also often commended for their work/life balance:

Is Fitness Software Sales Right for You?

If you live and breathe fitness and wellness, want lots of earning potential, and find technology interesting, a job in fitness software sales might be right for you. If you’re interested, head over to our tech sales job board and look for some fitness software sales jobs.

On the other hand, if you’re still investigating the software industry before you start sending out applications, consider reading some of our other industry articles like those on financial software sales and education software sales for some more insight into the opportunities out there.