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7 Best Sales Commission Software

Working in software sales is an attractive prospect for many students and professionals seeking a career change, and one of the reasons it’s such a stand-out career choice is the huge potential for commission earnings.

If you’re managing a team of software sales professionals, you’ll know how the central commission is to the work and performance of your department. A well-managed commission structure motivates sales reps to perform at their best, bringing in valuable new leads and driving up the business’s overall revenue.

If your team is growing, and you’re finding it hard to track and manage their commission, then it may be time to re-equip according to your needs.

Here are 7 of the best sales commission software suites to help you track commission, forecast sales, and process commission payments more smoothly.

Best Salesforce Commission Software

As Salesforce is one of the most widely-used platforms in the world of software sales, we’ll start this list off with some of the best commission software for use with Salesforce.

Captive IQ

CRMs like Salesforce are brimming with useful data, but as every company manages its commission structure differently, they usually don’t come out of the box with a reliable way to track how team members are being compensated.

Captive IQ is one of the commission platforms that do a great job of plugging the gap with its Salesforce integration. With this tool, managers and reps can access all their most important commission information from the Salesforce dashboards they know and love, checking things like performance and scheduled payouts, the details of new commission agreements, and raising questions about bae pay and commission with their line managers.

Aside from streamlining the commission process and making things clearer for your reps, Captive IQ’s Salesforce integration also has a number of features to make managers’ jobs easier, for example filtering monthly revenue reports by account for a detailed view of how this translates into commission.


QuotaPath, a popular commission-management suite currently in use by several promising tech start-ups, also offers excellent Salesforce integration that will empower you and your team to skip the spreadsheets and enjoy a seamless commission tracking experience. It’s also completely free to existing QuotaPath users, helping you keep your budget under control in volatile growth periods.

QuotaPath’s Salesforce integration is highly versatile and comprehensive and is compatible with many of the Salesforce elements that a software sales team deals with on a day-to-day basis. Demos, Products, Events, Opportunities, and even customized widgets made by members of the sales team, can all be imported automatically once the integration is set up.

With this tool’s Salesforce integration, you’ll be able to manage anything to do with a commission from Salesforce, confident in the knowledge that everything’s being drawn from the same source, eliminating the extra admin needed to properly manage a commission model with data spread across several tools.

More of the Best Sales Commission Software

Here’s a round-up of some of our other favorites among the best sales commission software suites. Though not all of them offer Salesforce integration, these products still promise excellent ease of use and a route to simpler commission management.


Performio offers a wealth of features for tracking and analyzing commission structures and giving your team a great degree of visibility as to how the commission policies affect them.

As a manager, you’ll enjoy access to a highly detailed commission table, showing a comprehensive record of all payouts and their recipients, as well as the freedom to set up custom compensation plans for your team, with an array of tools that make it easy to calculate and project future payouts.

One of Performio’s stand-out features is its real-time leaderboards, which will let reps check out a variety of performance metrics, and see where their performance places them compared to their peers. This will not only provide an easy way for managers to keep track of where everyone is performing against company KPIs, but will also help to stir up some friendly competition, motivating your team to reach new levels of efficiency and success.


Known for its simple visualizations and a reasonable price range, Pipedrive is one of the best pieces of sales commission software for startups and small, budding departments.

Pipedrive’s CRM platform comes with a great array of goal tracking features, which will allow you and your team to forecast commission compensations at both an individual and team level. With its ‘Insights’ view, you’ll be able to see comprehensive deal reports that lay out how many deals your sales reps have won or lost, and why this happened. This will help management keep a close eye on the progress teams and individuals are making towards their goals, and make sure that the compensation they’re paying out aligns with performance-based goal calculations.

It’s important to note that Pipeline doesn’t have the capability to calculate commissions or process payments right out of the box, and will require third-party features if you want to manage these functions from a single platform.


QCommission is a commission management suite that can integrate with a range of popular CRMs and accounting platforms, helping you analyze sales data and calculate commission payouts based on your sales reps’ performance.

One of the best things about QCommission is the great variety of payout reports that can be generated with a couple of clicks, including compensation adjustments, annual incentive summaries, and sales rep incentive commission reports. There are also a number of more advanced calculation tools, which will allow you to compute figures based on variable rates of commission and split commissions.

Another handy feature is QCommission’s commission processing calendar. This will allow you to customize your commission cycle through a simple, easy-to-understand layout, and choose to set your commission payouts on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or biannual basis.


If your software sales operation relies on a range of different systems to keep ticking, then Commissionly might be the best choice for you thanks to its great integration options.

Commissionly stands out from the crowd through its versatile ability to integrate with CRM platforms, and e-commerce platforms, alongside accounting, payment processing, and recruitment tools. Some other helpful features include the freedom to perform commission split calculations, support for multiple currencies, multi-stage commission structures, as well as automatic payment processing after reps’ targets have been met.

Though Commissionly’s pricing structure is on the higher end, and it requires some technical expertise to set up effectively, there are very few software suites that offer the same great flexibility in terms of integration.


If you’re managing a large software sales team with a multi-layered and nuanced commission structure, then Spiff may be the perfect tool for your needs.

This real-time commission management software not only has a simple and user-friendly interface you can use to build your own commission plans, but also a great selection of customization functionalities, helping you tailor the way it works according to all the nuances and particulars of your team, including marginal commissions, deal splits, team roll-ups, ramps, and many more. However, you manage your commissions currently, Spiff will be able to integrate them provided there’s a way that they can be presented mathematically.

On top of this great flexibility for setting out the details of your commission plan, Spiff is also easy to integrate with existing third-party tools, such as CRMs, accounting software, and payroll systems.

Wrapping Up…

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed when organizing your commission data, or you just want new ways to maximize efficiency within your team, we hope this list of the best sales commission software has helped you reach your goals.

If you’d like to learn more about commission management and the wider world of software sales, be sure to check out our other tips and guides, or browse our job board for your next sales opportunity.