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6 Best Lead Distribution Software

If you’re working at a software sales position in a large and dynamic company with several sources of new leads, ensuring that incoming leads are well-organized and accessible to all relevant reps can be a challenge. Though periods of exponential growth can be great for your team and the wider company, having a large number of leads to manage can quickly stir up logistical problems even for the most experienced managers.

If you’re struggling to align your leads with the resources of the team, then lead distribution software can help connect emerging leads with the spaces your team uses for its day-to-day work, and ensure each new lead is placed in the hands of the right rep.

In this post, we’ll look at 6 of the best lead distribution software options for software sales, and help you find the right solution for your needs.

Best Lead Distribution Software

Chili Piper

You may have seen ads for Chili Piper that frame it primarily as a scheduling tool, but it also offers some great features for inbound lead automation and aligning your leads with your teams or reps.

Its stand-out feature for lead distribution is a tool called Distro, which will let you set distribution criteria based on things like the size of a company, where it’s based, and the industry they exist in. When a lead comes into the system and ticks certain user-defined boxes, it will automatically be assigned to the relevant reps.

This function makes Chili Piper an especially good choice for companies that sell to a diverse range of customers, and have their sales teams divided into relevant specialties. If this isn’t something you need in your sales team, you can also set it to follow a standard round-robin or random distribution process.

The one downside to Chili Piper is limited integration options, as it’s only directly compatible with Salesforce and HubSpot. If your sales team currently depends on a lesser-known CRM, you may need to find another solution, or consider migrating to Salesforce or HubSpot.


LeadAssign is one of the best lead distribution software. It is the most innovative and forward-thinking lead distribution suite currently on the market, as it utilizes powerful AI functionality to learn the particulars of your sales operation, and uses this information to match new leads with the best possible reps. This makes it a perfect solution for enterprise-level businesses with large sales teams and an even larger scope of customer industries.

Aside from its exciting AI capabilities, LeadAssign has another stand-out feature that makes it a great fit for sales teams with exacting standards of work. Managers can set the platform up so that when a new lead is automatically delivered to a certain rep, they’ll have to accept it within a certain timeframe. If that timeframe expires, the lead will be routed to another rep. This function can be customized according to criteria set by you, such as a rep’s performance, availability, and location. This not only rewards sales reps for keeping an efficient pace but also makes life easier for those who have to manage a sales team who are distributed across multiple locations and timezones.


If your sales team depends on the Salesforce CRM, then PowerRouter is likely one of the best lead distribution options on the market for you.

Designed specifically for integration with the Salesforce platform, PowerRouter offers a great drag-and-drop UI that allows you to customize a specific lead distribution logic based on a number of common lead variables.

Like LeadAssign, PowerRouter has an option to set a time limit in which assigned reps can accept a lead, with the account being routed to the next rep in the chain if it isn’t picked up in time. This feature has customizable fields and options that will allow you to set things like vacation times and part-time hours, ensuring that leads will never be sent to a rep who’s not around to accept it.

If you’re using Salesforce and managing a small to the medium-sized team, especially if it’s made up of remote workers, then PowerRouter could be the ideal lead distribution choice for you.


Another lead distribution platform that offers an excellent degree of customization, LeadAngel is a “smart lead routing” suite with a simple drag-and-drop interface for creating fast distribution rules that are tailored for your needs.

Its round-robin, segmented, and weighted distribution will make quick work of matching your incoming leads to the sales reps who will handle them best. Furthermore, it also has an account-based assignment functionality, allowing you to set rules where if a new contact is brought into the system from a pre-existing account, this contact will automatically be sent to the rep assigned to this account.

A highly versatile tool for a diverse and modern sales arena, LeadAngel boasts seamless integration with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Oracle, and also has a free version that’s perfect for new sales teams who are just beginning to assemble their software arsenal.

Distribution Engine (by NC Squared)

Like PowerRouter, Distribution Engine is another Salesforce application that helps you manage the routing of new leads, sales opportunities, and contacts as they enter your pipeline.

The platform comes with a number of fairly standard options for routing criteria, and also gives you the option to add a weighting factor, which will automatically adjust each rep’s volume of leads according to their seniority.

Another handy feature is the option to distribute your leads based on their sources, such as web forms or landing pages in which a lead has submitted certain information. You’ll also enjoy some great options to customize leads’ profiles, add tags that will set out their knowledge and expertise, and give you further criteria to ensure the right lead is assigned to the right rep.

Aside from its helpful features and seamless Salesforce integration, Distribution Engine is also very cost-effective, giving you access to all features for just $45 per user per month.


Hybrid marketing automation and CRM suite, LeadSquared is one of the best lead distribution software options for sales professionals who deal with verticals erring more towards the B2C arena, such as financial tools, health tech, and edtech.

The lead distribution functions themselves cater toward sales teams with a lot of reps who work in customer-facing capacities and nurture long-term customer relationships. With its wide array of criteria and filter-setting options, all framed within a user-friendly interface, LeadSquared will allow you to automatically distribute both new leads and new touchpoints with existing customers, ensuring each account is given to the right person for the job.

Another benefit of LeadSquared is that it comes with fantastic localization features, using location services to show where your leads and reps are in relation to your premises, and also allowing you to match leads with field-based reps who are in the same geographic area. Although this certainly isn’t a must-have for modern software sales operations, it can offer you a lot of helpful insight if you’re based in a densely populated city with a booming tech sector.

Wrapping Up…

If you’re finding it hard to track which reps are best for the right accounts, or you just want to cut out some of the admin that comes with sales team management, we hope this list of lead distribution software has helped you reach your goals.

If you’d like to learn more about lead distribution and the wider world of software sales, be sure to check out our other tips and guides, or browse our job board for your next sales opportunity.