10 Reasons Why Software Sales Is a Good Career

Software sales jobs are among the most lucrative sales jobs, as they tend to offer greater pay, flexibility, and opportunities for advancement. Working in software sales requires technical knowledge and strong people skills. However, those who possess the required traits and experience can expect a successful career.

Here are the 10 top reasons why working in tech sales is a good career choice.

1. Increased Earning Potential

The average base pay for a senior software sales representative is about $100,000. Sales reps also earn commissions and bonuses, which can total $50,000 to $100,000 or more. Depending on the job performance, a sales rep can easily earn $250,000 a year. Keep in mind that the average US citizen earns a little over $31,000.

The earning potential for tech sales jobs is limitless. The top performers earn $400,000 or more each year. After reaching a higher position, such as enterprise account executive or strategic account executive, you can expect to earn significantly higher pay.

Software Sales Representative Salary


2. Greater Job Stability and Security

Although sales is an inherently less stable job than other fields, tech sales, in particular, can provide more stability than most sales fields. Along with higher pay, software sales jobs provide stability for those who meet their sales quotas. If you are good at your job, you should not need to worry about layoffs. As with companies in any industry, software businesses occasionally experience setbacks. Downsizing and layoffs are possible, but successful software sales reps can quickly find work at other companies.

Experts predict demand for tech sales jobs to grow 13% or more during the next decade. The need for tech sales reps ensures that you should always have work.

3. Professional Development

Working in software sales provides continuous professional development. The people who you meet will help broaden your awareness and provide that opportunity to learn new things. You may attend lectures or courses to keep up with the latest changes in software development and sales. Paying attention to trends and changes in technology or sales strategies expands your knowledge.

Your job may also provide the chance to further your education. Sales reps occasionally need to obtain industry certifications for specific software packages or sales strategies. If the courses are required for your job, your employer will cover the costs and provide time off.

4. Flexible Work Schedules

Many tech sales positions offer greater scheduling flexibility compared to other jobs. You often have the freedom to set your schedule for the day. You may also spend a lot of your time outside of the office meeting with clients.

Instead of working 9 to 5, you may find yourself working later in the day to accommodate the needs of your clients. You rarely need to follow a structured schedule set by an employer. While sales reps have flexible schedules, you still need to manage your time. If you fail to meet expectations, you are less likely to advance your career.

5. Wide Range of Career Opportunities

The skills and knowledge that you gain through software sales are directly transferable to other careers. Software sales reps often have great communication skills and the ability to influence others. Your experience can lead to many other job opportunities in other industries.

If you grow bored with tech sales, you may find it easy to switch to a sales career in a different industry. You can take what you learn and get a job in medical sales, pharmaceuticals, or manufacturing.

For those who stick it out, software sales can lead to advanced positions, such as sales manager, sales director, or vice president of sales.

6. You May Get to Travel for Work

A career in software sales occasionally comes with perks such as travel and free dinners. Senior sales positions, such as account managers, may need to travel to meet with clients when attempting to renew contracts or upsell services.

Even if you rarely travel for work, you are likely to spend many hours away from the office. You may meet with clients at their place of business, a local coffee shop, or a golf course.

7. Software Sales Is Rarely Boring

Working in software sales is rarely repetitive. You will meet a wide range of people with different backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Each client that you work with will have unique goals and problems that you need to help address.

The variety of work and people help keep tech sales interesting. You will rarely experience an uneventful day. One day may involve researching sales strategies while the next requires you to meet with clients. Each sales opportunity is also different. Trying to learn more about the needs of a potential client is often a fun and rewarding experience.

8. Limited Educational Requirements

Software sales reps often need a bachelor’s degree but rarely require any special certifications or additional training. With the right experience, getting into software sales is not difficult. You also do not need a specific major, allowing you to switch from another career path to tech sales.

Compared to more technical jobs, such as software development, you can reach your chosen profession in fewer years. Career advancement is also relatively fast compared to other industries. If you perform your job well and meet sales requirements, you may quickly receive greater job opportunities or responsibilities.

9. Endless Networking Opportunities

If you choose to switch companies or careers, you can likely rely on the contacts that you develop from your job in software sales. When you work in sales, you get to meet software developers, business owners, vendors, and CEOs.

Along with increasing your knowledge and keeping the job interesting, the people you meet help grow your professional network. The contacts that you make may help you land your next job or provide an unexpected job opportunity.

10. Job Satisfaction

The pay and security of software sales provide superior job satisfaction compared to many other careers. When you make a comfortable living, you are more likely to enjoy your job. Many software sales reps also experience great satisfaction from helping clients with their problems. Your job requires you to explore how software can assist your clients with their biggest concerns. Finding solutions for your clients can be quite rewarding.

Closing a deal is also one of the highlights of this job. Each time that you complete a sale, you inch closer to meeting or exceeding your sales quota. You also receive a commission. Depending on the value of the software contract, you can expect between $5,000 and $50,000 in commission from a single sale.


Pursuing a career in software sales offers many advantages, from higher pay and job security to professional development and work flexibility. However, it is not the perfect career for everyone.

The work is often fast-paced and competitive. Other sales reps may swoop in and take a potential client before you can close a deal. You will also face pressure to meet specific sales quotas. Sales reps who fail to reach their quotas may face demotion or termination.

The competitive nature of the job also requires sales reps to remain on top of changes to technology, products, and the needs of their clients. The demands of the job can be stressful and overwhelming. However, many people perform better in high-pressure jobs.

Working in sales requires strong interpersonal and communications skills. If you enjoy meeting new people and learning new things, tech sales may be a perfect choice.