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5 Best Sales Proposal Software

In the fast-paced world of software sales, you need to be able to create polished and persuasive proposals for a range of leads, all of whom will be looking for a subtly different kind of showcase in your sales and marketing materials.

When juggling a number of different proposals at a time, each one centered around deals at different stages of completion, standard Word and PowerPoint templates simply won’t bring you up to standard.

In this post, we’ll list 5 of our favorite sales proposal software tools to help you streamline your proposals, and reap stronger results.

Best Sales Proposal Software


One of the most robust and widely-used sales proposal software on the market, PandaDoc will give you a versatile set of tools for building proposals, interactive quotes, detailed contracts, and other proposal elements. The freemium version of this tool has a surprisingly comprehensive selection of features, including document tracking and electronic signatures, and the ability to collect payments through common payment processing platforms.

PandaDoc also stands out for the versatile amount of integrations it offers, allowing you to interact seamlessly with proposals that are completed or in progress via Slack, Google Drive, Freshbooks, HubSpot CRM, and Pipedrive. It also offers 24/7 live chat support, making it a great choice for international companies with disparate remote workers.

Better Proposals

Widely loved for its simplicity and accessibility, Better Proposals is a great option for sales teams that prioritize professional mobility and seek to get more junior sales reps involved in crafting proposals.

Aside from the e-signature functions and professional-grade formatting that’s found in other proposal tools, Better Proposals also has a whole host of tools for contact and pipeline management and collaboration, allowing users to carry out many of the tasks they’d typically use a CRM or other apps for.

Better Proposals comes with a great range of ready-made templates and simple drag-and-drop interfaces that will make it easy to whip up thorough proposals up to a professional standard and keep on top of a fast-moving pipeline filled with fertile leads. Some of its pre-designed templates include contracts, quotes, statements of work, digital brochures, and more.


With a straightforward no-frills interface, but a great selection of graphic elements to help customize your proposals and align them with your branding Prospero is a great choice for newer companies who are seeking to drive up their brand equity with every interaction. From its user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to select from more than 30 starter templates, then customize them using your logos, imagery, and even video content.

Prospero comes out of the box with the option to send proposals to clients directly from the platform. It also has a number of integration options that will help you integrate this tool into your current ways of working. Stripe, Quickbooks, FreshBooks, and other apps can all be integrated seamlessly, giving you fewer things to worry about as you try to align all the different facets of your business.


HoneyBook is a more far-reaching tool, offering you some great proposal creation functionality within the frame of a larger CRM. This platform encompasses features to manage every facet of the software sales process, by booking clients, managing projects, signing agreements, drafting and sending invoices, and even payment handling.

Though you may have these functions covered by a tool that you’re more familiar with, and Honeybook’s pricing places it in a much higher bracket than standalone proposal software, it’s certainly worth mentioning how well-centralized it will make your proposals process. With contracts, invoicing, and payment processing brought together in a single platform, you and your customers will have a more efficient and seamless proposal experience, reducing the risk of lost deals.


Proposify is a highly robust sales proposal software suite perfect for larger sales teams who deal with a large number of diverse clients. It contains features that will allow you to create customized templates, or select from a range of ready-made versions built for use in more typical sales proposals. Each template is organized according to its components, meaning you can add sections such as the scope of work, team bios, proposal overview and goals, and more.

With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you can bring up previously saved templates and proposals, then adapt them for the nuances of a new proposal, while its innovative ‘metrics’ feature lets managers monitor the progress of a proposal, and keep track of who’s viewed it.

Like Prospero, Proposify also has a great range of integrations for apps that are commonplace in the world of software sales, including HubSpot, Quickbooks, and Infusionsoft.

Wrapping Up…

Crafting effective proposals can be tough, but by equipping your team with the right supportive tools, you’ll quickly begin to enjoy a faster, easier proposal process, and increase the likelihood of closed deals.

If you’d like to learn more about sales proposal software tools and the wider world of software sales, be sure to check out our other tips and guides or browse our job board for your next sales opportunity.