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5 Best Sales Presentation Platform

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In the modern state of software sales, presentation software is an essential aspect of prospecting, giving you a comprehensive tool that will simplify the process of collating data into clear insights, showcasing your product’s benefits for your prospects and leads, and optimizing the early stages of your sales pipeline.

If your presentation software isn’t giving you the results you’re aiming for, or you’re simply interested in what options there are on the market, then this post is for you.

Here’s a list of 5 of the best sales presentation platforms on the market today.


Visme’s presentation suite offers a range of highly versatile content creation tools, ranging from simple slide decks to videos to social media graphics. The basic version of the tool comes with a great wealth of resources in the way of templates, graphs, multimedia, and educational resources that will make the process of creating an effective sales deck so much easier. It also makes it easy to share your presentation over social media and comes with its own range of analytics tools to see how people are engaging with it.

Another great thing about Visme is that its free plan, though it only allows one user, is surprisingly robust in terms of the features, making it a great option for cash-strapped sales projects that are just getting started.


If you’re working in a niche with a lot of highly-polished sales decks, and you need something that’s going to help your presentations stand out from the crowd, then Prezi could be the perfect sales presentation platform for you.

This platform’s stand-out zoom-reveal function will allow you to showcase software benefits in an interesting and non-linear way, zooming in on each topic to show more detail as and when you need it. This not only makes the presentation more memorable in terms of format but will also make it easier to move from one piece of content to another depending on the flow of the conversation, without having to flip through dozens of slides to find what you’re looking for.

This level of flexibility makes it especially well-suited to selling complex software suites, where sales presentations often require a certain degree of nuance when outlining features and benefits.


Though it’s hardly a new kid on the block, PowerPoint remains one of the most widely-used pieces of presentation software in the sales niche, in large part due to the familiarity of its features.

Though it may be a veteran piece of presentation software, it’s certainly not legacy, and Microsoft has been actively improving PowerPoint’s functionality to accommodate modern needs.

One of the more recent features added to PowerPoint is Microsoft’s Speaker Coach, an innovative AI feature that will listen to the way you speak when rehearsing a presentation, and generate pointers that will help you find a natural, engaging pace, while also avoiding too much filler. Though this feature is still in its early stages and has been reported to be somewhat clunky by many users, it might still be a great help for calls with particularly discerning prospects, where you need to get your pitch just right.

Google Slides

Another user-friendly and familiar presentation platform, Google Slides offers much of the same features as PowerPoint, with seamless integration with the Google Workspace, and easy collaboration on decks with multiple contributors. Though it may not come with any advanced features, its great accessibility and non-existent price tag make it a smart option for small sales teams with a wide range of specialties across the tech industry.

Google Slides allows you to start with a wide range of templates, import polls, videos, and other content, and share presentations within your organization and externally with just a few clicks. It also has a handy “Explore” feature, letting users research details on Google without leaving the Slides interface.

Being a core part of Google’s cloud-based services, it also makes for seamless real-time collaboration, making it an especially prudent choice for teams of remote workers.


If you’re selling a highly versatile piece of software that can be used in a range of different industries, then Slidebean might be the best sales presentation platform for you.

Though it’s nominally for start-ups who are hoping to pitch to investors, Slidebean has a wealth of great presentation-building features that will make it great for sales decks, and a user-friendly interface that even junior sales professionals will quickly come to grips with. Furthermore, Slidebean features a great selection of niche-specific templates you can choose from, making it a highly versatile tool that’s perfect for sales teams who are pitching to prospects from multiple industries.

A suite of AI features will suggest amendments as you work on your presentations, helping you create beautifully-designed slides and sort them in the right order.

Wrapping Up…

Whether you’re equipping a freshly-assembled sales team, or you want to optimize your approach to prospecting with some new tools, we hope you found this list of our favorite software sales presentation platforms useful and informative.

If you’d like to learn more about sales presentation platforms, and the wider world of software sales, be sure to check out our other tips and guides or browse our job board for your next sales opportunity.