Oracle Business Development Consultant Salary, Responsibilities, and the Top 3 Skills You’ll Need to Succeed.

As one of the largest suppliers of database software and business apps in the world, Oracle is held as one of the most desirable places to work for ambitious tech professionals. With a range of innovative products used by some of the most successful and forward-thinking companies in the world, working at Oracle promises challenge, excitement, and a great start to a promising tech career.

If you’re looking to take the next big step towards your dream tech career, and you’re interested in the prospect of working at Oracle in business development, then here’s a closer look at the Oracle business development consultant salary, responsibilities, and the skills you’ll need to succeed.

Oracle Business Development Consultant Salary

According to online salary aggregators, the average business development consultant at Oracle will earn $51,595 per year before any additional compensation. This sets it below the national average for business development consultants, which is $56,860.

Though the average Oracle business development consultant may receive less compensation than many people in comparable roles, it’s important to note that the sources aggregators use for this average are limited compared to other large tech firms, with Glassdoor only basing this figure on 6 submitted salaries.

This, on top of the fact that Oracle has dozens of offices spread across North America, means it can be hard to gauge where exactly their salaries stand compared to similar roles at other large tech firms.

From there, a typical compensation advancement structure at Oracle will look like this, in ascending order:

  • Business Development Associate: $55,166
  • Senior Business Development Associate: $67,201
  • Lead Business Development Associate: $81,985

Though Oracle’s business development salaries may be on the lower end for a large tech company, it’s important to bear in mind that Oracle is very diverse, and offers its customers a wide range of customizable software suites, covering cloud infrastructure and applications, hardware and engineered systems, human capital management, and CRM tools. Like any specific position in a software sales career path, the compensation you earn as a business development consultant at Oracle will depend on the kind of product you’re selling, the commission structure for your role and department, and other variables.

What Working as an Oracle Business Development Consultant is Like

Oracle business development consultants serve as the first point of contact for all Oracle business prospects through inbound comms and liaise with those prospects through various communication channels to help move them through the sales pipeline.

As a business development consultant, you’ll also be responsible for qualifying prospects, and converting them into quality leads for other people and branches within Oracle’s large and dynamic sales teams.

There’ll also be a number of routine record-keeping duties involved in the role, as well as work that goes towards maintaining the company’s CRM and keeping the data contained within it presentable for the use of other business development professionals.

In the early stages of this role, business development consultants will mainly be focused on demand generation through a set of established, proven practices. However, as you develop your skills and become more familiar with product pipelines, you’ll start to have a hand in analyzing and anticipating the needs of customers based on various data sets, unique business obstacles, as well as contributing ideas to new sales projects and solutions to increase the sales team’s internal efficiency.

As a business development consultant gains experience, they’ll also be expected to arrange business pipeline meetings based on a quota of fresh business opportunities, which will contribute to a number of short-term targets that business development consultants will be expected to meet or exceed.

Oracle Business Development Consultant - Skills and Experience

While Oracle runs a limited number of internships that will help those in full-time education kick-start their career as business development consultants, they maintain a very high standard for any new hires to their business development teams.

To make a successful application, you’ll need to have a demonstrably strong record of identifying and nurturing new B2B business opportunities via a number of modern communication channels, alongside an ability to conduct need analysis, and effectively negotiate with sales leads in B2B scenarios.

As many of Oracle’s most lucrative software products are fairly complex, candidates will also do well to display a passion for technology, and an understanding of how various software tools fit into the operations of businesses in various sectors.

Because the business development consultant role has such a strong emphasis on communication, some professional experience in using social media platforms and marketing tools can also be a big plus.

Though this can be substituted for relevant experience in some situations, most business development consultants at Oracle will need a degree in business or IT disciplines from a reputable college.

Wrapping Up…Oracle Business Development Consultant Salary

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in business development at Oracle, we hope this guide has helped clarify the skills you’ll need to develop and the working life you can expect as a business development consultant at Oracle.

If you’d like to learn more about careers in tech sales, be sure to check out our other tips and guides, or browse our job board for your next sales opportunity.