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The 7 Best Software Companies to Work For as a Salesperson

Looking to find a new company in which to grow as a software sales professional? Look no further. We’ve found and vetted the seven Best Software Companies to Work For. We took into account their company culture, pay, benefits, and, most of all, the quality of their product, because we all know selling a hot product that nearly sells itself is a lot more fun than selling a lousy one that you almost have to force people to buy.


Asana is a B2B SaaS brand that sells a project management software platform. Being one of the best software companies to work for, it helps teams communicate, collaborate, and stay organized from start to finish on any project. On Glassdoor it earned a score of 4.8/5 as a place to work, based on 220 reviews from former and current employees. 96% of reviewers would recommend working there to a friend.

What makes Asana such a fantastic place to work is its focus on providing employees with a quality work-life balance. 31 reviewers said, “best work-life balance I have seen in the SaaS world.” Plus, the average pay is top-notch. Account Executives at Asana earn an average total compensation of $157,297/year.

Zoom Video Communications

Zoom Video Communications is a SaaS company that’s known for its video communications software that took the world by storm during the pandemic. Zoom has a score of 4.6/5 as a place to work according to 680 reviews from its employees on Glassdoor. In 137 of those reviews, employees mentioned that “Zoom supports each of their employees personally and professionally.”

Based on data from 72 employees, the average Account Executive at Zoom can expect to earn a total of $121,981 per year. On top of pay, Zoom also gives great benefits, like 16 weeks paid parental leave, access to a 401k plan, comprehensive medical, dental, mental health, and vision insurance, and even a book reimbursement program.

SailPoint Technologies

SailPoint is a B2B SaaS brand that sells an identity security solution. It holds a 4.3/5 rating as a place to work from 250 reviews by current and past employees. It’s known for its solid work-life balance and a company culture that gives its employees a family feel by holding many outings and events so that employees can get to know each other on a personal level outside of the office environment.

At SailPoint, Inside Sales Representatives can expect to earn around $80,841/year, while Senior Sales Engineers average $228,634/year, making this a great company to work for if you’re interested in climbing the ranks and holding a technologically engaging, high-paying sales position.


Slack is another one of the best software companies to work for that sells a channel-based messaging platform used primarily for business communication. It’s a great place to work if you value work-life balance and great company culture where you can meet other wonderful people. On Glassdoor, it boasts a rating of 4.7/5, based on 601 reviews from employees, 94% of whom would recommend working at Slack to a friend.

Slack’s pay for salespeople is also exceptional, with Account Executives averaging yearly earnings of $178,648, while Enterprise Account Executives can expect a yearly average of $235,879. The company offers 401k matching up to $4,000/year, maternity or paternity leave of 3 months, and excellent health insurance coverage.


Salesforce is a SaaS brand that sells customer relationships management software to startups, enterprise companies, and any size in between. In 2018, their Chairman and Co-CEO, Marc Benioff, won the “most woke” award at the annual Cheddar Awards. 97% of 8,667 current and former employees approve of him, according to Glassdoor, where Salesforce receives a rating of 4.4/5 as a place to work.

Salespeople love working at Salesforce. From my experience, two of my best colleagues left to work there and build their sales careers. Not only is the average earnings great for salespeople (AE: $134,804, BDR: $81,059) but it’s also fun to sell a piece of software that customers absolutely need and obsess over. Not to mention, the decision-makers will likely be sales managers or C-Suite execs with sales experience, which can lead to interesting conversations.


Snowflake is a B2B cloud-computing data warehousing company known for its rapid growth. Working in sales at this company enables you to sell a top-notch product with ever-increasing demand as the business community continues to become more data-driven. According to Great Places to Work, 97% of their customers report Snowflake’s service as being “excellent”. As for employee satisfaction, it scores 4.2/5.

As for payment, Account Executives average $118,925 in yearly earnings, according to Glassdoor. On the account management side of sales are Technical Customer Support Engineers, who bring in an average of $108,050/year. This latter position is great for salespeople interested in data science, security, and storage.


Jamf, used by 50,000 schools, hospitals, and businesses, sells a platform called Jamf Pro, which automates IT administrative tasks for system administrators using Apple solutions. It has a score of 4.5/5 as a place to work and 91% percent of 166 past and current employees would recommend working there to a friend. It’s also known for its top-tier benefits that help you take care of your family.

The company offers above-average pay for salespeople as well. People just beginning their sales career as sales development reps can expect to earn $65,108. And, as they move up the ladder to the Account Executive position, they’ll likely make $83,554, according to Glassdoor’s data. The company has a global presence, so they’re hiring all around the world, looking for free-thinkers and problem-solvers. 

Bottom Line | Best Software Companies to Work For

Your choice about where to work as a sales professional can be a tough one. Most salespeople want to sell a quality SaaS product, work with smart and friendly people, and have access to opportunities to grow professionally.

Fortunately, most SaaS companies will satisfy these desires, while also giving you life-enhancing perks, comprehensive benefits, and a better work-life balance than you’ll find in other industries. That said, these seven companies we’ve vetted are good places to start your job search.

But, to broaden your search and see more of what’s out there waiting for you, check out the Salestrax jobs board, which is dedicated to helping salespeople find their perfect SaaS sales position.